The Windings:

To much reading?

   The windings are large installations that are made by wrapping thin threads of hot glass around a welded steel structure. Depending on the size and complexity of the piece, it takes anywhere from one week to upwards of one year to complete a piece. Although, as you will see with this process, it is not necessary that they ever be completed, layers can be added indefinitely. Scroll down to read more...

   We have collected hundreds of pounds of glass insulator caps along old rt.66. The glass caps were used to insulate power lines from the 1920's through the 1950's.

   At 2100F the glass takes on the consistancy of honey. The glass is gathered up and brought to the steel frame to be wrapped. The technique for making the Windings is essentially a cross between the industrial process for making fiber optics and the traditional Venetian method for making cane in the hot shop.

   Since these sculptures are made from thousands of feet of threaded glass, there is no need to anneal them.

   The beginning of a new Winding is celebrated with a Winding Party. Everyone brings bottles that get broken up and shoveled into the furnace.

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