Jason Mack has lived and worked in Champaign, IL since 2014 when he moved down from the Chicago suburbs, Downers Grove. Jason and his fiancée, Macy McCall, are raising 2 1/2 year old twins, Harper and Harrison. 

Jason first melted glass when he took a glass bead-making class with his mom at age 17. That was the year 2001. He hasn't stopped melting since then and she never did it again. 

In 2007, Jason graduated from Illinois State University with a BS in studio art with a focus in glassblowing. Since then, he has created a style and method of building large, on-site steel and glass sculptures using a mobile glass furnace he designed and built in his garage. 

Jason has done major installations for Heartland Community College in Bloomington, IL, Cornell Tech's new campus in NYC and worked with many businesses and cities to create unique projects. See the Mack Glass Facebook page for images of past work and current projects.