Mack Glass Inc. offers live-glassblowing demonstrations and workshops

Are you interested in offering a unique and exciting experience at your next event, company party or school? We have multiple options from furnace work to benchtop torches with varying degrees of visitor participation available. Simply contact us using the form at the bottom of this page to get the conversation started.

  • The Mobile Furnace

    Using a custom-built, mobile glassblowing furnace, Mack Glass artists create blown-glass objects ranging from traditional items, such as stemware, bowls and pumpkins, to extraordinary ones, such as the World's Largest Blown Glass Pickle Ornament. We also offer the option of 'Make your own ornament or pumpkin workshops' for a fun visitor activity.

  • Benchtop Torches

    Using benchtop torches, artists create pendants, marbles, blown-glass ornaments and small sculptures. Visitors have the ability to create their own glass art pieces to take home. Workshops typically last 20 minutes. We have the ability to set up 2-8 torches depending on the size of the event.

  • Not-For-Profit Organizations

    Mack Glass Community NFP is a 501c3 that provides beginner glassblowing workshops for schools and NFP organizations. We offer tailored events for your organization that give your group an exciting, hands-on introduction into the art of glassblowing. We also discuss the ins and outs of using recycled glass in our glass art projects.

Mobile Furnace Demonstration

Bring the World's Largest Glass Pickle Ornament to your event...

Set-Up Overview with Furnace and 2 Torches

Photos from recent events...

Contact form- please give us a few details about your event or organization including dates, location and a website if available. We look forward to speaking with you!